1946 Chikami Wholesale Store for fine and heavy chemicals and paper making material founded
1956 Established Chikami Wholesale INC.
CEO: Haruyuki Chikami
Capital JPY 1 million
1979 Capital JPY 10 million
1987 Company name changed to CHIKAMI MILTEC INC.
Capital JPY 15 million
1994 CEO: Kunio Chikami
Capital JPY 45 million
1998 Established THAI MILTEC INTERNATIONAL Co., Ltd. (TMI) in Bangkok
2001 Established CADTECH INC. in Fukuoka
2005 Licensed as type Ⅱ medical equipment manufacturer and distributer
2006 Capital JPY 87 million
2007 Certificated ISO14001
2011 Established FECON MILTEC JSC (Hochiminh) in Vietnam
2012 Licensed as cosmetics manufacture and distributor
Licensed as quasi-drug manufacture and distributor
2013 Capital JPY 91 million
2014 Established Guang Zhou Chikami Trading Co., Ltd. in China
(as of January 2018)